Carlos Ferri shares his story as an entrepreneur

Earlier this year Carlos Ferri shared his story as an entrepreneur to our colleagues in the Growth and Disruption Magazine.

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Carlos Ferri with Mr Carlos Henrique de Abreu, the General Consul of Brazil in Sydney, on the upcoming news of LIDE being established in Australia.

Earlier this quarter Carlos Ferri was invited to be the CEO of LIDE Australia, which was officially established in Sydney on December 14th.

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Carlos Ferri on Business Insider Australia

Brazilian dancers perform at the Sydney Opera House. Photo: Matt King/ Getty Images.

Carlos Ferri was interviewed by Business Insider Australia for an article published last Friday, May 19th.

The article shed a light on why so many Brazilians are migrating to Australia (particularly Sydney) and why they are calling it home. As an immigrant himself, Carlos shared his own story and his opinions on how the current political and economical situation in Brazil could be one of the many reasons why skilled people are leaving and looking for other countries to work, study and live.

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Carlos Ferri is the guest speaker in a Brazilian roadshow about Australia

Carlos Ferri is the guest speaker in a Brazilian roadshow promoted by World Study to talk about exchange program, international study opportunities and how Australia is a good option as a destination.

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Zapala Corp keen on growing via acquisitions in logistics, human resources and educational space

Zapala Corporation, is the Sydney-based company logistics, human resources, and international education services provider, is keen on growing via acquisitions in its aforementioned core businesses areas, owner and CEO Carlos Ferri said.

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World Study brings to Australia famous Brazilian model for a real down under experience

Carlos Ferri, founder & CEO of Zapala Corp, and Paola Antonini at World Study Australia’s headquarters in Sydney.

World Study, the newest company in Zapala Corp’s portfolio, flew Paola Antonini to Australia so she could have a real down under experience.

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Inside a startup pitch: Innovation Bay introduces tech companies to investors

At an inner Sydney restaurant on Monday night a group of entrepreneurs, investors and business people gathered for Innovation Bay, one of the longest running features of Australia’s startup community.

Since being founded in 2003, over 300 tech startups have raised more than $10 million in seed capital after presenting at the networking group’s dinners which also introduces them to a network of local angel investors and business mentors.

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Zapala Go, a cloud-based platform for end-to-end management of warehousing, removal, relocation and storage businesses, has been launched by Sydney-based logistics company Zapala.

The company says  Zapala Go “allows business operators to track and trace storage boxes or containers from overseas agents, interstate or local, through acceptance into warehouses, into storage, and then back out to customer premises, with full control of jobs, electronic inventories, goods with history, photos and specific locations”.

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Start-up launches cloud system for warehouse management

Warehousing and removals management company Zapala has announced the launch of a cloud-based platform for managing warehousing, removal, relocation and storage businesses.

Dubbed Zapala Go, the system was developed in co-operation with tech start-up BlueChilli and will allow the warehousing management industry to manage entire operations from a secure, scalable cloud-based platform.

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